DistanceLearningSectionlogo DLS Manual: Checklist of Committee Chair Responsibilities 
Distance Learning Section
Attend new chair orientation at Annual Conference preceding term.

Contact new committee members.

Provide roster and committee's past year minutes to incoming and current committee members.

Attend DLS Executive Committee meetings and section Annual Meeting.

Determine committee direction and agenda based on committee charge.

Keep written minutes or assign committee member to act as secretary.

Ensure each committee member is assigned work; let no one go "taskless", even members not in attendance.

Follow-up with committee members who do not attend Annual or Midwinter Conference.  (See "Letter to Committee Member Who has Missed a Meeting").

Work with the section's vice-chair to determine committee appointments and reappointments.

File updated pages, committee minutes and section Executive Committee minutes in DLS Section Manual.  Advise past chair of any needed revisions or additions to the section manual.

At end of term, arrange to discuss the work and direction of the committee with incoming chair.  Pass on archival committee files and section manual to incoming chair.

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Revised May 24, 1999