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Note:  This calendar only lists specifics for this committee.  The chair should also refer to the Calendar for Committee Chairs, Checklist for Running a Meeting and Tips for ACRL Leaders in this manual.

Midwinter Meeting
There are two meetings of the Planning Committee  in order to complete the "ACRL Strategic Planning Inventory Form" which lists section action planned for the following fiscal year:

1st meeting:  Sunday morning all DLS standing committees meet in the same location.  The chair of the Planning Committee distributes copies of the highlights form to all committees, who complete the form during their meeting.  At the close of the meeting times, the Planning Committee  collects the  highlights forms from all committees.

2nd meeting:  The Planning Committee's 2nd meeting is scheduled immediately following the first meeting.  During this time the committee completes the "ACRL Strategic Planning Inventory Form".

Chair submits completed "ACRL Strategic Planning Inventory Form" to ACRL by   February 15.

Annual Conference
There is only one meeting of the Planning Committee, which is used for discussing actions of the Executive Committee and for brainstorming about section activities.  This meeting is held on Sunday morning with the other DLS committees.

Five year review by ACRL:  The ACRL Planning Committee conducts five year reviews of the ACRL Sections.  "Sections will review their subunits and submit a report covering all subunits.  The review will ensure that each unit is active and is receiving necessary support and will seek identification of problems the units may be having within ACRL organizational structure and suggestions of how these might be overcome."

The ACRL Office sends the schedule and review forms that the DLS Planning Committee completes.  It is due in September.  ACRL reviews the report and acts upon it at the following Midwinter Meeting.

DLS' last review report was submitted in September 1994 and accepted by ACRL in February 1995.  (For more information regarding the Five Year Review Process, see ACRL Guide to Policies and Procedures, Chapter 7:  Planning Committee Review).

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