Welcome to the 5th Bibliography of Library Services for Distance Learning Resources!

The Library Services for Distance Learning: The Fifth Bibliography is the latest edition of the bibliography started by Alexander L. Slade and Marie A. Kascus in 2000. The first three bibliographies appeared in print:

The materials collected by Alexander Slade and his co-authors for the first three editions are housed at Athabasca University Library in Alberta, Canada. The fourth edition can be found on the web at this URL: http://caspian.switchinc.org/~distlearn/resources/4thBibliography/Introduction.html.

Following in the tradition established by the fourth edition, this bibliography is entirely electronic, and provides references to materials published in the library distance services field between 2006 and 2009 . The fifth edition follows approximately the same format as the fourth edition, with one alteration: Chapter 7 has been titled Information Literacy instead of Library Instruction. The bibliography contains a mixture of resource types, including books, journal articles, news items and conference proceedings. Materials included in the bibliography were discovered by committee members, using a variety of databases and search terms. Each entry is annotated, and the committee thanks the volunteers who diligently wrote these annotations.

Navigating the Bibliography:

Please choose a category on the left navigation bar to find annotated items for your specfic interest. Thanks to all those volunteer annotation writers and especially to the hard working Bibliography Committee members from 2008-2010 who created this useful resource. See Acknowledgments for a list of those who assisted in creating this 5th Bibliography.